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The Perfect Espresso


The secret to a perfect espresso begins at the source – the coffee plant itself.  Beginning with the highest quality coffee beans. When roasted correctly they will provide a sweetness and chocolatey flavor with a beautiful long lasting after taste. These flavor profiles are achieved when the five variables which impact quality in the cup are properly addressed. 

The five variables you need to control when brewing espresso are as follows: 

    1. Volume of coffee – a minimum of 7g per shot of espresso
    2. Volume of water – a minimum of 35ml per shot of espresso
    3. Temperature of water – a normal range is between 188 to 194 degrees
    4. Pressure exerted – a minimum of 9bar (1bar = 14.1lbs of pressure)
    5. Extraction time – ideal range is for 18 to 22 seconds

Most of the quality with any espresso happens in the first third of the extraction.  It is important to avoid over extracting your shot which leads to excessive bitterness and acidity in the cup.