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The Perfect Cappuccino or Latte


The secret to a perfect cappuccino or latte begins with making the perfect espresso then adding frothy, milking goodness.  If you haven’t read our guidance around making the Perfect Espresso, we recommend you start there to learn the steps involved.  

The same variables that go into making an espresso apply equally to making the perfect cappuccino or latte. The main difference lies in the milk and foam. Here are the variables to consider: 

    1. Ensure the wand is clean – wipe the wand clean between drinks
    2. Volume of milk – 5 oz. for a cappuccino and 8 oz. for a latte
    3. “Stetching” the milk – Stretching involves keeping  the wand at or just below the surface for the purpose of infusing air and steam. 
    4. Temperature of milk – 150 degrees

For more detailed guidance on the process of making the perfect cappuccino or latte, read our blog on How to Steam Milk.

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