Café Bel Etage

Now available in the USA, Café Bel Etage is the pinnacle of quality coffee. Smooth, rich, and full bodied, it also is naturally low in acidity. Coffee drinkers, who appreciate gourmet coffee, will immediately recognize the sensuous pleasures of Café Bel Etage. The coffee beans come from selected small fazendas in the highest locations in Central- and South America, East Africa and Indian Malabar Coast. 

Illycafé produces traditional slow roasted coffee beans only. It is a medium- dark, dry roast that is ideal for espresso and drip coffeemakers and perfect for superautomatic coffee machines.

Café Bel Etage whole beans are packed inside soft-vac bags that are nitrogen flushed to ensure freshness for up to one year. Cafe Bel Etage is a product of Switzerland, and is quickly becoming a favorite of America's discerning coffee drinkers.


Whole Bean, Ground and Single Serve Filters

All Cafe Bel Etage roasts are available in whole beans, ground coffee ready for your drip coffee machine or in single serve filters compatible with Keurig® and other single-serve brewers used in homes and offices! Whole beans and ground are sold in 250g and 1 K (2.2 pound) bags, the filters are sold in boxes of 25 and 50.

* KEURIG is a registered trademark of Keurig, Inc., which is not affiliated or associated with Silver Service Refreshment Systems or Cafe Bel Etage.

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ESE / Espresso Pods

Our ESE pods make a perfect espresso each time. These pods are for use in pod adapted espresso machines . The pods are made with our dark roast Napoli which makes an awesome espresso!


Available Roasts

Napoli (Naples) - Dark Roast
Venezia (Venice) - Medium Roast
Milano (Milan) - Dark Decaf Roast .