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Parts of an Espresso Machine that Every Barista Should Know

We all know that coffee shop lingo is its own kind of code – a latte means less foam in some places and more milk in others – and it takes several trips to any given shop to master its unique language. As an employee of a café or restaurant that utilizes an espresso machine, or even just a home barista, there are certain standardized components that you should be familiar with. Here are the parts every barista should know:

Just kidding.

  Here are the few parts you actually should know the names of:


The Steam Lever controls the flow of steam out of the steam wand which is used to steam milk for lattes and such. The portafilter holds the coffee grounds and locks into the group head. The group head is the outlet for the pressurized water which flows through the coffee. The drip tray catches any splashes or wayward drops of coffee or water. Hopefully this will save you some embarrassment the next time you engage the coffee shop hipsters!

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